June 22, 2020

All eyes will be on the sky ahead of the Fourth of July holiday in Bristow, as a new airport runway is officially opened for business.

May 22, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY – A $136 million plan to improve Oklahoma’s airports over the next five years has launched following approval at the May 20 meeting of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC).

Director's Desk

Victor Bird has been the Director of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission since December 2002. Under his leadership, the Commission has partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration to improve the state’s airport planning process, becoming a model for other states around the country. Bird earned his juris doctorate and bachelor’s degree from The University of Tulsa.

Did you know?

Since FY 2002, the Commission has invested $189 million in federal funds and $71 million of the $85.5 million it has received in state funds into airport infrastructure - 83% of OAC’s total revenues invested in airport infrastructure across the state.
The wingspan of the Boeing 747 is longer than the distance of the Wright Brothers’ first flight (more than 120 feet).
At any given moment, there are about 61,000 people airborne over the mainland United States. At Chicago-O’Hare Airport, one of the world’s busiest, planes take off or land every 37 seconds. More than 29,000 flights operate from the U.S. alone every day.