(RFQ) Clinton-Sherman Airport (CSM)

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Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Clinton-Sherman Airport (CSM)
The Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority (OSIDA) will accept statements of qualifications from qualified consulting firms for the development of airport construction projects and associated engineering and planning efforts. Given the growth and development opportunities in the future for OSIDA we are interested in determining the development opportunities afforded by various construction projects for our airport. The selected consultant will be responsible for developing airport project documents, planning documents, construction plans and specifications, and construction oversight for various projects at Clinton-Sherman Airport. The selected consulting firm will also assist in preparation and submittal of required federal and state administrative documents related to Federal or State funded projects. The consultant shall have the ability and capacity to complete any of the projects referenced below as the airport’s Engineer of Record. Subject to receipt of federal, state, and/or local funding, these projects may include the following:
Develop and Update five-year Capital Improvement Plan (cost and estimated quantities)
Prepare all project administrative requirements which may include:
a. Sponsor Certification(s)
b. Airport Capital Improvement Datasheets
c. Airspace study and CSPP development
d. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise plan and goals
Develop/Update Airport Layout Plan
Develop/Update Airport Master Planning Study
Conduct NEPA Coordination
Acquire Land and Real Property
Acquire Aviation Easements
Obstruction Removal
Improve Airfield Drainage and Erosion Control
Improve Runway/Taxiway Safety Area
Site Preparation for New Pavements and/or Developments
Rehabilitate/Construct Terminal Apron
Construct New Hangar Access, Taxilanes, and Taxiways
Rehabilitate/Construct Runway and Parallel Taxiway System
Rehabilitate Runway, Taxiways, and Aprons
Construct New Taxilanes to Existing Aprons
Install Rotating Beacon and Tower
Install Runway Lights, Taxiway Lights, REILs, and VGSIs
Install Segmented Circle and Lighted Wind Cone
Install Electrical Vault and Cabling
Install Approach Lighting
Construct Hangar Buildings
Rehabilitation and/or Removal of Existing Hangars
Construct Terminal Building
Construct/Improve Access Gate and Perimeter Fence
Install Fuel Farm / Self-Service Fuel System
Install AWOS
PROJECT FUNDING: The projects may be funded using a combination of Federal Funds, State Funds, and/or Local Funds.
The following criteria will be used to evaluate the SOQ submitted by the consulting firms. The consulting firm or team of consulting firms is encouraged to be innovative and expand upon the projects as described above if it can be demonstrated as beneficial to OSIDA.
1. Company Background – Describe which consulting firm will be coordinating the projects, roles of the staff, identification of any sub-consultants to be used and their respective roles, and how the consulting firm and sub-consultants will coordinate with each other. Describe the firm’s proposed approach to, and familiarity with, coordinating with OAC/other state agencies, FAA/other federal agencies, and the aviation community.
2. Capability to Perform – Describe the firm’s capability to perform all or most aspects of the projects. Provide examples of recent experience with similar greenfield airport developments and studies. Describe the firm’s ability to complete projects on time and on budget as well as ability to meet schedules and deadlines.
3. Company Organization – Describe the organization of the firm, including an organizational chart showing the interrelationships between staff and their roles at the firm. Identify the firm’s contact person(s) for this SOQ and the consultant team leader throughout the duration of the projects. Include the firm’s current workload and the projected workload.
4. Project Understanding – Describe the firm’s understanding of the goals of OSIDA and their desires for a new airport and the firm’s potential project strategies, noting possible issues, concerns, and opportunities that should be considered when developing the new airport. Provide examples of the firm’s creativity and innovation on past projects that helped create cost savings for existing systems or efficient ways of constructing new systems. Describe how the firm would define a successful QC/QA program and how would you measure success?
5. References – List at least four (4) references (Name of organization and contact person, title of contact, address, phone number, e-mail address) that can attest to the firm’s qualifications to carry out projects similar in nature to those identified in this Request for Qualifications.
1. Qualifications shall be titled “CSM – Clinton-Sherman Airport” submitted electronically to Nick Young at [email protected] by 5:00pm on February 1, 2022.
2. Any questions can be submitted to Nick Young at [email protected]. The consulting firm shall submit all information it feels necessary for OSIDA to select a qualified consultant.
3. OSIDA reserves the right to reject any and all submittals.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST: The firm, by submitting qualifications, certifies that to the best of its knowledge or belief, no elected or appointed official is financially interested, directly or indirectly, in the purchase of services specified in this submittal of qualifications.
SELECTION: OSIDA will make its selection based on the information provided in the RFQ and background/reference checks made by OSIDA along with potential in-person interviews. The submittals responding to this RFQ request shall not include any cost information. OSIDA may elect to invite a small group of firms to interview for the RFQ to assist with the final selection. Once a firm is selected, the fees for the services to be provided will be negotiated. Should an agreement on negotiated fees not be reached with the top ranked firm, OSIDA may elect to move to the next highest ranked firm and begin fee negotiations with that entity. Any contract must receive approval of the OSIDA Board of Directors.
Submittals should be limited to 25 pages excluding covers and tabs. A certificate of insurance shall be included with each submittal. Please format your submittal into the above-mentioned sections and provide the information that is listed in the evaluation criteria.
1. In the preparation of the Submittal of Qualifications, the firm may review all public files and maps available at OSIDA. The firms are asked not to request information to be researched by OSIDA staff, as time constraints would prohibit this action. Firms requesting to inspect or review airport files and maps shall schedule this action with Craig Smith (580-309-3223) to eliminate all conflicts with other firms or city operations.
2. The selected consultant shall have access to city files, maps, plans, and other documents pertaining to the airport.
SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection of a firm shall be completed by review from OSIDA personnel with assistance from others as requested by OSIDA. Selection shall be based on professional completeness and technical merits with primary emphasis (weighted) placed on capability, experience, and key personnel. Selection and evaluation criteria will primarily be based on the five (5) sections listed above, but could also include:
• Recent experience on airport projects performing similar work in Oklahoma
• Key personnel that will be assigned to the project including relevant experience and professional background
• Quality of previous airport projects undertaken
• Technical approach and management of comparable projects
• Demonstrated ability to meet schedules and budgets. Include information relative to the firm’s reputation for timeliness, quality of performance and work product.
• Effectiveness and proven success of QC/QA program.
• Demonstrated interaction of the firm’s personnel with Federal and State Representatives, and knowledge of FAA/OAC standards and policies.
NEGOTIATED CONTRACT: It is the intent of OSIDA to select a firm that best fits the needs of OSIDA. A contract may or may not be negotiated as a result of this submittal as determined by OSIDA. The OSIDA Board of Directors has final determination of any contract approval.

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(RFQ) Clinton-Sherman Airport (CSM)
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