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WEDNESDAY, December 2, 2020, AT 10 AM

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

First Floor Commission room


Public Access:

Online: https://odot.zoom.us/j/83571728376

Phone: 1-408-638-0968, Webinar ID: 835 7172 8376




  1. Announcement of COMPLIANCE WITH THE OPEN MEETING AcT, filing of meeting notice, and posting of the agenda — Chairman Dave Amis, III, Chris Wadsworth, Chief Operations Officer

Chairman Amis announced that the meeting notice and agendas were posted in compliance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, and the meeting was held at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) First Floor Conference Room, 200 NE 21st Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with an option for meeting presenters, members of the public, and guests to attend virtually by way of the following:

Online: https://odot.zoom.us/j/83571728376

Phone: 1-408-638-0968, Webinar ID: 835 7172 8376

Streaming video: https://video.ibm.com/channel/CKEfwftDGHz

Meeting agenda and materials relied upon by the Commissioners were posted at www.oac.ok.gov and distributed via email.


  1. CALL TO ORDER AND RECORDING OF MEMBERS PRESENT AND ABSENT — Chairman Dave Amis, III and Andrea Post, Executive Assistant to Director Grayson Ardies

Andrea Post called roll and recorded the following Commissioners present and absent:

Present         Kevin Potter             Commissioner (District 1)

         David Conway          Commissioner (District 2)

         Lindy Ritz                  Commissioner (District 4)

         Dave Amis III             Chairman (District 5)

         Jim Putnam               Vice Chairman (At-Large)

         Jerry Hunter              Secretary (At-Large)


Absent           None.


A quorum was confirmed, and Chairman Amis called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. CST.


3.      APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE AERONAUTICS COMMISSION MEETING FROM October 14, 2020 — Chairman Dave Amis, III and Andrea Post (Action Required)

Commissioner Conway made a motion to accept the minutes from the October 14, 2020 meeting of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. Commissioner Putnam seconded the motion. Chairman Amis called for the vote, and votes were recorded as follows:


Ayes -             Commissioner Potter

Commissioner Conway

Commissioner Ritz

Chairman Amis

Vice Chairman Putnam

                                    Secretary Hunter


Nays -             None


Abstained -    None


The motion carried 6-0.


  1. Election of Officers for Calendar Year 2021 – Chairman Dave Amis (Action Required)

Commissioner Potter moved to approve Commissioner James “Jim” Putnam to serve as chairman, Commissioner Jerry Hunter to serve as vice chairman, and Commissioner Ritz to serve as secretary during calendar year 2021. Commissioner Conway seconded the motion.

Chairman Amis called for the vote, and votes were recorded as follows:


Ayes -             Commissioner Potter

Commissioner Conway

Commissioner Ritz

Chairman Amis

Vice Chairman Putnam

                                    Secretary Hunter


Nays -             None


Abstained -    None


The motion carried 6-0.


  1. Introduction of New Assistant Attorney General John Settle —Grayson Ardies, Director of Aeronautics (Information Only)

Director Ardies introduced the Commission to the agency’s new Assistant Attorney General John Settle. John Settle noted that he is a pilot and expressed that he is happy and available to work with the Commission. Mr. Settle is also the Assistant Attorney General for the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority.


  1. DIRECTOR’S REPORT— Director Ardies (Information Only)

Director Ardies briefed the Commission on the following events and meetings that occurred since the October 14, 2020 Commission meeting:


  1. Interim Studies on Air Service Development and UAS – Oct. 21

Director Ardies recapped the Senate Interim Study on Unmanned Aircraft Services: As a State Are We Doing All We Can Reasonably Do to Ensure the Viability of this Sector of the Aerospace Industry, which featured testimony from expert witnesses Dr. James Grimsley of the Choctaw Nation Unmanned Aerial Systems Integrated Pilot Program (UAS IPP), Basil Yap of the North Carolina Unmanned Aerial System program office, Dr. Amber Wilson of Virginia Department of Transportation UAS, Dr. James Lehman of North Dakota Economic Development Organization (which is an IPP and a Federal Aviation Administration UAS test site), Professor Gregory McNeal, an expert in legal aspects of UAS including property and privacy rights, and finally, Dr. Jamey Jacob of Oklahoma State University. Director Ardies noted that the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission would like to step into the role of being a clearinghouse for UAS knowledge and expertise to help Oklahoma develop and be ready for new opportunities in the UAS field, as this is currently lacking in Oklahoma state government. Director Ardies then recapped the Senate Interim Study on Air Service Development: Consideration of Programs to Increase Air Service at Oklahoma’s Commercial Service Airports. Oklahoma has two large commercial airports – Oklahoma City Will Rogers and Tulsa International – as well as two smaller commercial airports - Lawton-Ft. Sill and Stillwater Regional. These airports are seeking to add additional direct flights across the nation, which in turn benefits economic development. This study examined what the State of Oklahoma can do to incentivize additional direct routes. He clarified that airports are not allowed to subsidize the service, but economic development organizations can support this growth; the Oklahoma Department of Commerce was active in this study. This study featured consultants Bill Swelbar of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Nick Wangler of Forecast, Inc., who have worked to develop air service programs in other states, along with Shawn Burke of Indiana and Mark Wasky of Wyoming, who are over their respective statewide air service incentive programs. Alexis Higgins of Tulsa International Airport, Mark Kranenburg of Oklahoma City Airports, and Paul Priegel of Stillwater Regional Airport also gave testimony. Director Ardies clarified that subsidies typically help airlines mitigate risk associated with setting up new direct flights.

In response to a question by Commissioner Putnam, Director Ardies noted that if legislation passes to establish the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC) as the state clearinghouse for UAS, OAC would move forward with seeking to hire another full time employee to manage the program, but until then, he and Thomas Galloway, Aviation Program Manager and Part 107-licensed unmanned aircraft pilot, were handling questions and other UAS-related activities for OAC.


  1. Incentive Evaluation Commission Meetings – Oct. 22, Nov. 12

Director Ardies reported that the Incentive Evaluation Commission (IEC) looked at the engineer tax credits for aerospace and voted to retain them and to try to fix some of the ABET accreditation issues; the IEC also examined the excise tax exemptions and voted to look at these to see if they are bringing in economic development in the state.


  1. Oklahoma News Report Roundtable – Oct. 22

Former OAC Director Vic Bird, Grayson Ardies, Dr. Jamey Jacob, and Todd Cellini of Spartan School of Aeronautics and Technology participated in a discussion which included UAS, the commercial airline industry, and the pilot shortage issue after the subsiding of COVID-19.


  1. MRO TransAtlantic Conference – Oct. 27-29

OAC attended the MRO TransAtlantic Virtual Conference as partners with the Department of Commerce/ACES. Director Ardies noted the American Airlines Maintenance Base President Isom said some positive things about the State of Oklahoma and the City of Tulsa for their support of this heavy maintenance base. The Department of Commerce made several connections for possible recruitment.




  1. Oklahoma Commanders Summit – Nov. 5

Director Ardies attended the 3rd annual Oklahoma Commanders Summit and presented on Military Training Airspace/Title 17 information and the Oklahoma Military Airspace Compatibility Mapping Assessment Portal (OMACAMP) project. An important outcome of this meeting and discussion was the importance of the engineer tax credits for aerospace to Tinker Air Force Base employee recruitment efforts.


  1. Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Aerospace Council Meeting – Nov. 6

Bailey Siegfried of NORDAM invited Director Ardies to join the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Aerospace Council Meeting, where he was introduced as the new OAC Director and where he reported on upcoming legislative initiatives.


  1. Sheppard Air Force Base Regional Development Alliance Meeting – Nov. 12

Director Ardies corrected the agenda item to note that the Regional Development Alliance Meeting was at Sheppard Air Force Base, rather than Stafford Air Force Base, and reported that OAC gave information at the meeting about engineer tax credits for aerospace and incentives, Title 17 and Military Training Airspace, and the OMACAMP project. He noted a lot of Sheppard routes go through Oklahoma and that the base uses an auxiliary field in Frederick.


  1. United States Contract Tower Association (USCTA) Board Meeting – Nov. 18

Director Ardies reported that six of Oklahoma’s nine air traffic control towers are contract towers, and the Oklahoma delegation has been supportive of keeping funding available to support these towers. USCTA Board Director Spencer Dickerson will be stepping down next November, and Brad Van Dam will be taking his position. Director Ardies will be pursuing a spot on the Board, as well, in the spot filled by former OAC Director Vic Bird.


7.   FINANCIAL REPORT — Chris Wadsworth, Chief Operations Officer (Information Only)

Chris Wadsworth briefed the Commission on current financial figures as of October 31, 2020. He reported that, at that time, the Commission had an ending cash balance of $2.3 million with encumbrances totaling $6.3 million. Estimated statutory revenues for the remainder of FY21 totaled $3.5 million, and outstanding expected reimbursements totaled $2.1 million, for a total expected available cash balance of about $1.7 million. Possible encumbrances for the Airport Construction Program totaled $1.4 million assuming funds are available and grants are approved, and year-to-date expenditures for FY21 totaled $3.2 million. Statutory revenue for October totaled $152,611, and total revenue through October for FY21 totaled $997,000, compared with $1.9 million for the same time frame last year, which is down close to 48%. November estimated collections were $425,000, which is a positive trend. Revenue collected from aircraft excise fees, fuel tax, permit fees, and specialty license plates was about $527,000 less than the three-year average. Mr. Wadsworth also mentioned that mileage reimbursement forms for Commissioners were sent via email and could be completed digitally. Director Ardies mentioned that agency staff was monitoring the budget to make sure the downturn in revenues was attributable to COVID-19 and that future changes or concerns would be reported to the Commission.


8.         Airport strategic planning meetings – Director Ardies and Nick Young, Aviation Program Manager (Information Only)

OAC Aviation Program Manager Nick Young briefed the Commission on strategic planning meetings that have occurred between OAC staff and various airport representatives to visit Oklahoma airports and discuss needs, options, and opportunities.



  1. Meeting with Enid-Woodring Airport – Oct. 23

Mr. Young reported that OAC met with Enid interim airport director Keston Cook and discussed short term development plans including a potential north apron rehabilitation, and crosswind runway rehabilitation for 13/31, and possibly extending the main apron area to address capacity issues for transient aircraft, along with long-term development plans such as building a new taxilane to capture new development. OAC staff also toured the airfield, toured several hangar facilities, viewed their runway and taxiway pavements, and viewed the completed runway extension on runway 17/35, the new terminal, and the restaurant “Barnstormers” in the terminal building.


  1. Meeting about Bristow Jones Memorial Airport – Nov. 3

Mr. Young reported that OAC staff met with Bristow city officials, the airport consultant, and the architect for the terminal building project to discuss the location and size, along with coordinating a self-service fuel location, a taxiway project, and accommodating other current and projected airport use. Other long-term planning included discussion of potential new hangars on west side after the terminal, taxiway, and fuel projects are complete, and expansion to the east if land becomes available.


  1. Meeting with Duncan Halliburton Airport – Nov. 9

Mr. Young reported that OAC staff met with Duncan City officials and Duncan Machine Products staff and discussed their desire for apron expansion and the potential for a new taxilane to a new hangar area. He reported their short to medium term plans included potential runway and taxilane rehabilitation projects, lighting system rehabilitation, and possibly installing a self-service fuel system. Their long term plans included generating a detailed development plan for the existing and potential future plans. Staff also toured the airfield and looked at recently completed projects.


9.     LEGISLATIVE, CONGRESSIONAL AND REGULATORY UPDATE — Director Ardies and Sandra Shelton, Communications and Government Affairs Coordinator (Information Only)

  1. 2021 Legislative Session

Director Ardies reported that the agency is continuing to work on the four major bills approved at the October 2020 meeting for the 2021 legislative session:

  1. Repealing the cap on revenue derived from the aircraft excise tax;
  2. $10 million appropriation for statewide airport infrastructure improvements;
  3. Revisions to the Engineer Tax Credits for Aerospace to address the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology issue concerning accreditation of graduate programs;
  4. Legislation resulting from the UAS interim study that will encourage growth of unmanned aerial systems while using existing legislation to address privacy protections and concerns.


  1. Congressional Update

Director Ardies reported that there have been some provisions added to the THUD appropriations package, including a $400 million supplemental appropriation package for airports and aviation nationwide, and that Oklahoma airports will likely compete for some of these supplemental discretionary funds. It also includes a provision that may eliminate the BCA for AWOS installations for counties with populations less than 50 per square mile and some language to support construction or reconstruction of the tower at Tulsa International Airport. He also mentioned that the FAA Reauthorization Bill expires in 2022, so some discussion about this is underway.


10.    AIRPORT CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM update — Director Ardies and Ben Naghavi, Airport Engineer (Information Only)

Airport Engineer Ben Naghavi briefed the Commission on the projects in the Airport Construction Program that were completed during 2020 and gave an update on the year’s planning and programming efforts for Federal and State funded projects. The list of completed projects included a 700’ runway extension at Antlers Municipal Airport; reconstruction of taxiway A, construction of taxiway E, and installation of LED lights and signs at Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport; new LED lights and PAPI’s for Runway 18/36 at Atoka Municipal Airport; construction of a new 4000’x75’ runway at Jones Memorial (Bristow) Airport; construction of a taxilane and partial perimeter fence and rehabilitating the runway, taxiway, and apron pavements at Carlton Landing Field (Arrowhead) Airport; construction of a new parallel taxiway at Chandler Regional Airport; construction of an 1800’ extension to Runway 17/35 and rehabilitation of the existing runway; construction of a new terminal building at Enid Regional Business Airport; rehabilitation of runway 18/36 at Fountainhead Lodge Airport; rehabilitation of the runway at Scott Field (Mangum) Airport; construction of the south portion of parallel taxiway at McCurtain County Regional Airport in Idabel; rehabilitation of the runway and parallel taxiway at Okmulgee Regional Airport; rehabilitation of the secondary runway 1R/19L and connecting taxiway at Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport, Tulsa; widening and overlay of runway 18/36 to 75’ and rehabilitating the connecting taxiway at South Grand Lake Regional Airport, Ketchum; construction of the final phase of the parallel taxiway at Stillwater Regional Airport; and rehabilitation of runway 3/21 at Texhoma Municipal Airport.


11.    AIRPORT PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM — Director Ardies; Ben Naghavi (Information Only)

Director Ardies mentioned that the Airport Pavement Management System, or Airfield Pavement Management System (APMS), is a GIS-based system, and that the previous system developed many years ago by former OAC Airport Engineer Vivek Khanna had grown obsolete. Mr. Naghavi explained that an Airfield Pavement Management System (APMS) is a set of defined procedures for collecting, analyzing, maintaining, and reporting pavement data. He conducts pavement inspections at airports on a three-year schedule and uses the data to determine the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) using the ASTM D5340 Standard Test Method, and that this pavement condition index is then used to schedule maintenance and repair on a system-wide level. The agency uses four software programs for the new APMS: AutoCAD, ArcMap, PAVER, and AGO; the pavement condition data is then entered into the APMS and will be able to be viewed and accessed internally by OAC staff and externally by airport managers, sponsors, and consultants, and will be useful for planning and evaluation.


12.    AIRCRAFT PILOT AND PASSENGER PROTECTION ACT (APPPA) Update — Nick Young (Information Only)

Mr. Young reported to the Commission that, since the report at the December 11, 2019 Commission meeting, OAC has received 69 APPPA applications. Of these, 53 were approved, two were denied and the conditions presented for lower heights were accepted by AT&T, the applicant; and that there are 14 currently pending. 11 of the pending applications are awaiting determinations by the FAA, and the other three are currently awaiting either comments from the airports and/or signatures. He clarified that OAC staff reviews every 7460-1 that is filed by the FAA in Oklahoma; this year, OAC staff have completed over 2000 reviews of these to date.



13.      Wind Energy Development Act Compliance – Nick Young (Information Only)

Mr. Young reported that OAC has received a total of 30 notifications for Title 17/Wind Energy Development Act compliance for calendar year 2020. Of these, 19 have received their mission compatibility certification letters. He said that most of those who have not received letters are complex wind projects that are in the planning phase, and two have received determinations from the FAA and the project administrators are reaching out to follow up. Director Ardies reported that 2020 is the first full calendar year going through this requirement and that there has been communication and understanding from wind energy companies. The Oklahoma Military Airspace Compatibility Assessment Mapping Portal project that is underway at OAC is anticipated to streamline this process.


9.     LEGISLATIVE, CONGRESSIONAL AND REGULATORY UPDATE —Sandra Shelton, Communications and Government Affairs Coordinator (Information Only)

Sandra Shelton, Communications and Government Affairs Coordinator, announced some of the recently elected legislators who are involved in aviation and aerospace, including Representative Wendi Stearman from District 11/Bartlesville, Representative Jay Steagall from Yukon, Senator Warren Hamilton from District 7, Senator Joe Newhouse from District 25, Senator Zack Taylor from District 28, Senator Paul Rosino from District 45, and Senator Adam Pugh from District 41 who is also chairman of the Aero Caucus.


14.    INTERNATIONAL AVIATION ART CONTEST UPDATE — Sandra Shelton (Information Only)

          Ms. Shelton briefed the Commission about the 2021 Oklahoma International Aviation Art Contest, which is annually sponsored by the Aeronautics Commission in conjunction with the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO). The 2021 contest theme is “A Friendlier World with Air Sports.” She said that Paula Kedy, OAC’s Aerospace and Aviation Education Coordinator, is helping with this year’s contest. Contest entries are due in the middle of January 2021.


15.    AIRPORT CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM UPDATE — Director Ardies; Ben Naghavi (Information Only)

Director Ardies reported that he approved a change order to state grant 4O4-20-S for rehabilitating the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) at McCurtain County Regional Airport (Idabel). The change order allowed for a permanent survey monument installation for wind calibration. The additional cost was $2,500 and will be funded with $2,375 of state grant funds and $125 of sponsor matching funds. This change order was approved according to the new administrative rules and authority delegated to the Director of OAC to approve change orders up to $10,000.


16.    FAA WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Grants — Director Ardies and Paula Kedy, Aerospace and Aviation Education Program Coordinator (Action Required)

Director Ardies and Paula Kedy, Aerospace and Aviation Education Coordinator at OAC, requested the Commission’s approval to apply for two grant opportunities created by Section 625 of the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2018. The Aircraft Pilots Workforce Development Grant Program offers $25,000-$500,000 in grant funds to awardees for entities wishing to develop programs that will work to increase the pilot workforce. The Workforce Development Grant Program for Aviation Maintenance Technical Workers offers $25,000-$500,000 in grant funds to awardees for entities working to increase interest and to prepare students to pursue aviation maintenance careers. The OAC will serve as the lead agency to apply for the grant, but plans to partner with the FAA Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, secondary and post-secondary institutions, tribal entities, and aerospace industries in the development of the grants, with a goal of developing additional opportunities for educators and students to better prepare students for careers in aviation and aerospace. Ms. Kedy clarified that the grant application window has not opened yet, but that OAC is making preparations to apply once it does. In response to a question from Commissioner Potter, Ms. Kedy reported that in this school year, 16 Oklahoma schools are using the AOPA High School Curriculum – 15 are implementing the pilot pathway curriculum, and one is implementing the UAS pathway curriculum. Six additional Oklahoma schools have made application, and Ms. Kedy said it is her goal to double the number of schools in Oklahoma using the curriculum.

Commissioner Ritz moved to approve for OAC to apply for the two grant opportunities created by Section 625 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. Commissioner Hunter seconded the motion. The votes were recorded as follows:


Ayes -             Commissioner Potter

Commissioner Conway

Commissioner Ritz

Chairman Amis

Vice Chairman Putnam

                                    Secretary Hunter


Nays -             None


Abstained -    None


The motion carried 6-0.


17.       2021 COMMISSION MEETINGS — Chris Wadsworth (Action Required)

The Commission will discuss and consider approving the time, date and place for its regularly scheduled meetings for calendar year 2021. Oklahoma law requires public bodies to give notice in writing by Dec. 15 of each calendar year of the schedule showing the date, time and place of the regularly scheduled meetings of such public bodies for the following calendar year. The proposed 2021 dates are as follows and the proposed time is 10:00 a.m.

  1. Wednesday, January 13, 2021
  2. Wednesday, March 10, 2021
  3. Wednesday, May 12, 2021
  4. Wednesday, July 14, 2021 
  5. Wednesday, August 11, 2021
  6. Wednesday, October 6, 2021
  7. Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Commissioner Potter moved to approve the schedule of meetings for calendar year 2021. Commissioner Ritz seconded the motion. The votes were recorded as follows:


Ayes -             Commissioner Potter

Commissioner Conway

Commissioner Ritz

Chairman Amis

Vice Chairman Putnam

                                    Secretary Hunter


Nays -             None


Abstained -    None



Ms. Shelton invited members of the Commission and members of the public to the free Oklahoma Women in Aviation and Aerospace Day virtual event featuring Kathy Lueders and Janet Karika of NASA, beginning at noon on December 9th. This event was originally created by Senate Bill 230 during the 2017 legislative session. The event was produced with the assistance of Oklahoma Department of Transportation and with OAC event partner Tulsa International Airport.


19.    CONCLUDING REMARKS REGARDING AGENDA ITEMS — Director Ardies and Commissioners

Director Ardies thanked the Commission for allowing him to lead this meeting as the new Director of OAC.

Chairman Amis announced that he has been honored and pleased to have served on the Aeronautics Commission for 24 years, under four Oklahoma governors, and with three OAC directors, and expressed that he is pleased with the team of staff at OAC. He has seen tremendous accomplishments such as runway expansions, the airport terminal program, saving of six contract control towers, and passing of the engineer tax credit legislation during his years of service.


20.       ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEXT MEETING — Chairman Dave Amis, III

The next regular meeting of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission will be Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation First Floor Commission Room unless otherwise noted.


21.    NEW BUSINESS (“any matter not known about or which could not be reasonably foreseen 24 hours before the meeting”)

There was no new business.


22.    AdjournmenT

Chairman Amis adjourned the meeting at 11:26 a.m.



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