Aeronautics Commission Awards $6,000 Aerospace & Aviation Education Grant to Southeastern’s Take Flight!

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Twenty-five organizations were recently awarded Aerospace and Aviation Education Program grants or contracts totaling over $270,000 from the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC). The record amount of funds will be used to expose more school-aged children in Oklahoma to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, particularly those in aerospace and aviation.  The funding was approved by the Commission at their most recent meeting.

The Commission approved an education grant for Southeastern's Take Flight Aviation Science Camp Program. The camp will serve 20 students in grades 7-11 in June of 2018 in Durant, OK. Campers’ focus will be on various topics within the broad fields of both Aeronautics and Aviation.  The camper will learn about career paths in Aeronautics, dealing with the details of manned flight and/or aircraft design.  With Aviation, the camper will be able to grasp what it means to be a pilot, navigator and/or airport operator. Students will cover aerodynamics, aircraft design/performance, flight and navigation and weather during the week-long camp. The requested amount was $10,900 and the agency staff recommendation was $6,000.

“OAC has been a community partner with Southeastern State University since 2012 through the aviation education grant program, and we look forward to seeing the progress they achieve with their students,” said Catherine Taber, aviation program manager and aviation education coordinator for the Commission.