MEDIA ADVISORY: Request for Qualifications For the Oklahoma Airport Pavement Management System

June 26, 2017 

UPDATE: Questions and Answers that have resulted as part of this RFQ:

Q: Who will comprise the selection committee? 
A: OAC staff members, likely a 3 or 4 person committee.

Q; Who do you see as competitors for this project? 
A: In the interest of fair competition we feel that listing competitors would not be appropriate.

Q: What is the project budget, including hardware and software costs? 
A: Currently we have $240,000 of FAA grant funding and $60,000 of OAC funding identified in the Commission’s CIP for the FFY 2017 system planning project.

Q; What is the anticipated project schedule? 
A: Selection should occur in July, with a grant application being made to FAA in August.  We hope to issue a NTP in September to officially start the project.

Q: What format is the pavement management data currently in; is it in or exportable to an off-the-shelf format? 
A: The existing system uses a database developed with MYSQL.  The selected consultant or team will have full access to all the available data which includes inspection records, historical construction and geotechnical information.   

Q: Does the OAC or ODOT have existing database software programs that they currently utilize or prefer? 
A: The pavement management system is the only database of that caliber that we operate so our preference is open at this time.

Q: Are there examples of pavement management systems that OAC has seen and liked, if so can you provide examples? 
A: In the interest of fair competition we feel that selecting specific systems that exist today would not be appropriate.  Most of the state aviation pavement systems that have been developed over the last several years are similar to the type of system we are hoping to develop.    

Q: Has the OAC considered PAVER for pavement management software?  
A: We have not considered PAVER for pavement management to date, but are open to any and all ideas that could arise from this RFQ process.  

Q: What level of GIS skills currently exist among OAC staff? 
A: Given the varying skillsets of the staff among technology applications I would say that our skillset for technical GIS applications is on the lower half of the spectrum.

Q: In the future, would additional aspects of expanding the system be supplements to this contract or solicited under separate contracts? 
A: When/if the system is expanded they would be solicited under new RFQs.

Q: What is the timeframe for expanding the new system to include electrical mapping? 
A: No specific timeframe has been identified at this time, but we would hope to have the next phase of expansion underway in 3-5 years.

Q: Have all prior inspections been performed in accordance with the ASTM D5340?  
A: Yes.

Q: Is there an existing PAVER (formerly MicroPAVER) database available with inspection records and historical construction data from 2001 to current? 
A: No, see answer to question 3.

Q: If a PAVER database does not exist will OAC provide the Consultant Team access to their database developed with MYSQL or any other pertinent documentation that maintains the prior inspection records, work history, condition, and system inventory characteristics (Network, Branch, Section, and Sample definition)? 
A: OAC will provide full access to the existing pavement management system which will include inspection records and historical construction and geotechnical data.

Q: In addition to the schematic section figures on the AirportIMS website does OAC have electronic files (AutoCAD .dwg and/or ArcGIS .shp) for the participating airports’ Airfield Pavement Network Definition Maps or System Inventory Figures? 
A: We have some AutoCAD files for system airports, but the data is limited and potentially out of date.  Most of these type files are maintained by the individual airport sponsors.

Q; Does OAC have access rights to the existing Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s ArcGIS system? 
A: No.

Q: Will there eventually be an RFP that’s comes out of this RFQ? 
A: There won’t be an RFP as part of this project.  The FAA’s consultant selection process is a qualifications based process.  Consulting firms or teams will submit their qualifications statements indicating their capability to do the work that is listed in the RFQ.  That list will be narrowed down to the top 3 or 4 teams and typically those teams will be invited for an in-person interview.  After the interview the highest ranked team will be selected and we will work with them to develop a scope of work and fee estimate.  An independent fee analysis will be completed to determine if the scope and fee is in line with industry standards.  If we cannot come to an agreement on the scope and fee we will move to the next highest ranked team.

May 31, 2017

Who: Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission

What: Request for Qualifications For the Oklahoma Airport Pavement Management System

When: June 1 - 29, 2017

Where: 110 N Robinson, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73102

Why:  The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission’s (OAC) mission is to promote aviation throughout the state, which includes ensuring that the needs of commerce and communities across Oklahoma are met by the state's 109 publicly owned airports that comprise the Oklahoma Airport System, and ensuring the growth and vitality of the state's aerospace industry.  To further this mission OAC is soliciting Statements of Qualification (SOQ) from consulting firms or a team of consulting firms with expertise in developing a statewide airport pavement management system.

Background:  The existing pavement management system was created in 2001.  While the system can still be utilized for basic data input and export, the functionality has diminished and does not utilize many of the technological advances that are available today.  As such, OAC desires to develop a new system that will include, but is not limited to, the following requirements:

  • GIS capabilities
  • Conversion of data from existing pavement system
  • User interface for data entry (to be performed by staff in-house)
  • Ability to enter and edit visual inspection data
  • Ability to add, edit, and remove airports and pavement sections as needed
  • Pavement analysis to include:
  • Current Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for each airport and each individual pavement section
  • Forecasted PCI
  • Historical inspection data
  • Forecasted maintenance cost
  • Ability to expand system at a future date to include analysis of other airport infrastructure items (e.g. lights, navaids, etc.)
  • Ability to attach/display documents for a particular airport (e.g. geotechnical surveys, engineering reports, etc.)


The consulting firm or team of consulting firms shall develop and furnish labor and materials to complete the project in general accordance with existing applicable FAA advisory circulars, orders, regulations, guidelines and industry standards.  This project does not involve actual pavement inspections as OAC staff will continue to conduct these inspections on a regular three-year cycle. 

Interested firms are invited to submit SOQ, highlighting their specific qualifications and experience to provide the professional services needed to accomplish this project.  A consulting firm will be selected through a comparative analysis of firm qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of the service in an open and free competition. 

Statement of Qualifications Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the SOQ submitted by the consulting firms.  The consulting firm or team of consulting firms is encouraged to be innovative and expand upon the project as described above if it can be demonstrated as beneficial to the State.  The SOQ shall include the following:  

Company Background – No more than five (5) pages.  Describe which consulting firm will be coordinating the above referenced project, roles of the staff, identification of sub-consultants to be used and their respective roles, and how the consulting firm and sub-consultants will coordinate with each other.  Describe the firm’s proposed approach to, and familiarity with, coordinating with OAC/other state agencies, FAA/ other federal agencies, and the aviation community.

Capability to Perform – No more than five (5) pages.  Describe the firm’s capability to perform all or most aspects of the project.  Provide examples of recent experience with similar pavement management system development projects.  Describe the firm’s ability to complete projects on time and on budget as well as ability to meet schedules and deadlines. 

Company Organization – No more than ten (10) pages.  Describe the organization of the firm, including an organizational chart showing the interrelationships between staff and their roles at the firm and OAC.  Identify the firm’s contact person(s) for this SOQ and the consultant team leader throughout the duration of the project.  Provide relevant résumé information for the firm’s key personnel.  Include the firm’s current workload and the firm’s one-year projected workload.

Project Understanding – No more than ten (10) pages.  Describe the firm’s understanding of the goals of a pavement management system and the firm’s potential project strategies, noting possible issues, concerns, and opportunities that should be considered when developing the system.  Provide examples of the firm’s creativity and innovation on past projects that helped create quality pavement management systems.

References – No more than one (1) page.  List at least four (4) references (Name of organization and contact person, title of contact, address, phone number, e-mail address) that can attest to the firm’s qualifications to carry out projects similar in nature to those identified in this Request for Qualifications.

Consultant Selection

The SOQ from each submitting firm will be evaluated on qualifications, capacity to perform, expertise of the firm, overall suitability for these services, project understanding and approach, past performance of similar projects, and appearance of the document.  The submittals responding to this request shall not include any cost information.

OAC intends to select a qualified consulting firm based on the review and evaluation of the submitted Statements of Qualification, but reserves the right to conduct interviews of a short list of firms before selecting a consulting firm.  Oral presentations/interviews by the top-rated consultants or consultant teams may be scheduled for July 2017.  The consultant or consultant team should be prepared to discuss, clarify, and amplify any part of the proposal, discuss any new initiatives, and respond to questions of the selection committee. 

Administrative Format of the Response

The font size shall be no smaller than 12 point.  Margins must allow for the document to be readable.  Total sheets of paper shall be no more than 31 sheets of paper.  Cover page, cover letter, title page, divider pages, and back cover page are allowed additional sheets of paper that are not included in the count of total sheets of paper.  The SOQ must be bound.  A flash drive shall be included with each SOQ submission that has an electronic version of the firm’s entire SOQ in a portable document format (PDF) as a demonstration of the firm’s electronic capabilities.

Additional Information

An independent fee review will be performed on the scope of work for the project as presented by the selected consulting firm or team of consulting firms.  This review will determine the reasonableness of costs in accordance with all applicable regulations.  Based on this fee review, OAC will negotiate the cost of the study with the selected consulting firm or team of consulting firms.

The consultant services shall begin upon written notice from OAC and will complete the project on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

OAC’s Airport Development Division Manager, Grayson Ardies, will address any questions by e-mail at by 6/22/17.  After 6/22/17 questions will not be allowed.

OAC reserves the right to waive any informality or to reject any and all submissions responding to this Request for Qualifications for any reason.  Faxed and e-mailed submissions will not be accepted.

The Pavement Management System project is expected to be funded in part by the FAA and in part by OAC.  The selected consultant firm will assist OAC in the drafting of the scope of work and in the FAA grant application process.  If FAA or state funds are not available in the anticipated amounts for the Pavement Management System, OAC may delay, cancel, or restructure the project due to lack of funding.

The consulting firms shall submit three (3) copies of their SOQ package (three paper documents and three flash drives).

OAC shall receive sealed Statements of Qualification until 5:00 P.M. on June 29, 2017, to the following address:

Mr. Grayson Ardies

Manager, Airport Development Division

Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission

110 N Robinson Ave., Suite 200

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

The sealed Statements of Qualification shall clearly state on the front of the envelope/packaging the following:

Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission Pavement Management System Statement of Qualification.