I can state firsthand that without the help of CADSQ, my company would not have been able to win a contract from Boeing, and competently compete for other contracts with the Department of Defense and prime contractors like Boeing, Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin.
Jim Rice
Former President Pro-Fab, Inc. Oklahoma City
CADSQ has been extremely helpful in assisting Valco Mfg Co.to get contracts from Lockheed Martin and the federal government. Bringing in representatives from the prime contractors has been a good way to meet face to face with them and have the opportunity to tell them about our companies and what we can do for them.
Roger Valdez
President Valco Manufacturing, Oklahoma City
CADSQ is extremely important to small and medium-sized aerospace companies like mine. I cannot afford to hire procurement experts like larger aerospace companies. I would not be able to effectively compete for contracts from the Department of Defense (Tinker Air Force Base, and other bases in Oklahoma and around the country) and prime contractors without the assistance and help of the CADSQ program.
Kenneth Statton
President and CEO M&M Manufacturing, Tulsa